The PDF dictionary is intended to be used on a computer rather than printed out, so it makes extensive use of links and the Adobe Reader sidebar.

There are two versions of the PDF dictionary: one represents arabic words in both transliterated and phonetic formats: the other in pronounced format. If you are interested in learning to read and write arabic, we recommend the transliterated form: if you just want to speak arabic, the pronounced form is probably easier to use.

You can download the PDF documents free of charge from the download page: see below for installation instructions.

You can find a word using the dictionary indexes or the thesaurus: these all link to the main word entries in the dictionary.

There are two indexes for Egyptian- one in european writing and another in arabic.

The dictionary entry for each word contains the main forms of the word in roman letters, phonetic writing and arabic It indicates how frequently the word is used, and also has a link to the thesaurus category for this word.

The thesaurus section provides listings of words with similar or related meanings: for example, in the 'Food' section there is an category for different types of fruits.

The Introduction to Egyptian Arabic gives a full description of the main syntax elements, with further information about things that you might use frequently, for example courtesies (Good morning, thank you) or numbers. There are about 1,500 example phrases or sentences to show how it's actually used.

It's a big document, and it would have been impossible without PDFreactor, an industrial-strength multi-platform PDF generator that dealt cheerfully with the thousand pages of text- and even got the arabic writing right!

Version 2.2 - 11Jan2020

This version is a minor update to refer to the new domain name www.lisaanmasry.org.

Version 2.1 - 27Jul2016

This version contains lots more words a few corrections to existing entries.

Version 2.0 - 28Aug2015

This version has a clearer layout and makes better use of the bookmarks so that you can find words quickly. It also contains a new section that explains in detail about arabic writing. In addition, it contains lots more words, more information about Egpytian word forms and a few corrections to existing entries.

Version 1.0 - 21Mar2014

This is the first PDF release of the dictionary and thesaurus.