There are now two versions of the Egyptian Arabic Dictionary for Kindle. One is in Kindle dictionary format, and the other is in Kindle e-book format.

Dictionary format

The kindle dictionary version is an English to Egyptian Arabic dictionary. This is particularly useful for Egyptians who read English e-books: if you make this your current english dictionary, touching on a word will show you the meaning in Egyptian arabic.

E-book format

The kindle e-book version combines English to Egpytian and Egyptian to English dictionaries, the Thesaurus and Verbs. Each word in the dictionary is linked to the corresponding entry in the Thesaurus and vice versa, and Dictionary and Thesaurus entries link to the verb entries. It also contains an introduction to Arabic writing.

The e-book contains all of the words available on the web site: once you have downloaded it, you do not need an internet connection to use the dictionary.

Egyptian words appear in Arabic writing and also in European writing as an English person would say them, with the stressed syllable underlined.

The Egyptian Arabic Grammar is available as a separate e-book.

You can download the Lisaan Masry kindle books free of charge from the download page: see below for usage instructions.


There are two dictionary sections: one is for English to Egyptian Arabic and the other is for Egyptian Arabic to English. Each dictionary is preceded by an index, so that you can quickly find the word that you are looking for. The Egyptian to English dictionary has two indexes- one in European writing and the other in Arabic writing.

Once you have found the correct place in the dictionary, you will see entries like the one on the left: you can page up and down through the entries.


The thesaurus provides listings of words with similar or related meanings: for example, there is an entire category for different types of fruits. You can find a category either by following a link in the dictionary, or by looking at the category index at the beginning of the Thesaurus.

Each category contains a list of English words and their Egyptian arabic meanings. You can click on a word to go to the main dictionary entry for the word.


The Verbs section contains full conjugations (I, you, he, etc) of the main tenses. This includes Perfect, Imperfect, bi-Imperfect, ha-Imperfect and imperative: where available, the active and participles are included.

You can get to the verb details for a word by clicking on the button next to a word in the dictionary or the thesaurus.

There is also an introduction to Arabic writing, together with a full list of details for each letter, explaining how and when it is used in Egyptian arabic.

Download and Setup

The easiest way to get a dictionary onto your Kindle is to use the built-in web browser, go to the lisaan Masry download page, and download the document directly to your Kindle. Alternatively, you can download a document to your computer, then transfer in onto your Kindle device in on of these three ways:

  • Use an application program like Calibre (
  • Send it as an email: see the Amazon page about Send to Kindle for instructions.
  • Plug your Kindle into your computer and copy the files into the documents folder on the device.

Once you have loaded the eBooks into your Kindle, touch the Home button to see your reading list. If you select the By Most Recent First option, the E-book and Grammar will appear at the top of your reading list.

The Dictionary version will appear in a separate section labelled Dictionaries, which is at the end of the reading list. You can open the dictionary like a normal book to read the introduction and look words up, or you can make it your default dictionary by selecting Settings and then Dictionaries.

Revision history

Version 2.2 - 11Aug2020

This is a minor update to refer to the new domain name

Version 2.1 - 28Aug2015

The kindle dictionary format is now available again. Both dictionary and e-book versions have been updated to add lots more words, more word forms for verbs and a few corrections.

Version 2.0 - 16May2015

The dictionary and thesaurus are now combined, and the verbs have been added: the entries in each section are now cross-linked. There are two dictionary sections: English to Egyptian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic to English. There are about 1,000 more words, and the Appendices have been expanded to provide a lot more information about arabic writing and Egyptian pronounciation.

Version 1.1 - 04Feb2014

This version of the dictionary and thesaurus contains about 1,000 new words and some corrections and improvements.

Version 1

All new!